Stop bitching. Start acting.

Exhibit A Have you seen posts like these on FB lately? What are they about? A person witnesses some ‘wrong’ act. He/ She promptly takes a picture of the wrong act. He/she hurries to upload it to social media in an effort to shame the person in question. Earlier, a photograph of a car’s number […]

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“Moment of Truth”

Sometimes, weird vowel-less sounds (?) stumble out of busyfolks’ mouth. When they utter these sounds among themselves, there is an implicit expectation that the meaning is understood. Its amazing really, a fence made of sounds. Recently, I was confronted with this particular sound -“FMOT”. It took me  a while to hear sideways and decipher the […]

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The N-generation

Just read a post from the crowd-sourced diary of narcissists – The post is called ‘Why I’m Trading A House And Salary For A Motorcycle And Map‘ Please read it, because this blog post is a reaction to it. Let me quickly summarise here the intent of the post anyways. Its a self congratulatory […]

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Irresponsible brand #56: Bisleri

See these ads -> Bisleri500 Angry bride, Bisleri500 Casanova, Bisleri500 Superhero Tell me you didn’t find them disturbing. If you did, stop drinking this irresponsible brand, and if it can be helped, bottled water altogether. Story of the bottled water If not, let me shepherd out the outrage. What do you think is the brand […]

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