We can do this.

In a smoke-free meeting room, a tin box of crackers goes around with a dozen people munching, masticating, marauding the little round rascals. The biscuit is no good, someone opines. But that doesn’t stop him from dredging a fistful of those from the tin box. The box’s golden underbelly is now visible and that is […]

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If agencies remain married to ‘ads’, agencies are doomed.

Traditional advertising agencies were essentially amoral tongues on rent.  In the pre-digital age, where there was no other way of knowing the truth (or rumours) about products and brands, advertisements was the only major source of opinion/ information (after WOM) about the product’s usefulness/ efficacy/ likeability. There was a role for advertising in the lives […]

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The slowness of digital life

Digital connections = Speed. Instantaneous reactions, Instantaneous gratification, Instantaneous outrage and so on. Everything is instantaneous. Or not? Recently, while my own phone was getting recharged and I had no option but to look around, I saw a person sitting there, with phone in hand. Waiting with anticipation for a like, a comment or some […]

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“That is the creative challenge”

If clients, planners, management folks and even creative directors make a habit of envisioning their idea before talking about it, we would be spared of a lot of bullshit. So recently we presented an elegant campaign that was not ‘exciting enough’ to the client. They thrashed it mercilessly. “Its a 20 seconder, we don’t have […]

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Specific diseconomy

Win awards with scam Fight competitors with self-destructively cheap pitches Create walled gardens for petty rent seeking Delude yourself by thinking that creativity is the sole preserve of your kind Do not grow your people, nurse a few egos Advocate brave disruption to clients, but do not attempt it yourself And when someone does try […]

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The philosophy of advertising

What is common between a car, a cancer clinic, an app, wall paint and insurance? . . . #YOLO (You only live once.) I have worked on brands in each of these categories which ended up talking about #YOLO (more or less). YOLO – is a restless soul’s yearning for a fix – usually with […]

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