Take a knee for humanity

Just discovered the majestic video for ‘Blue Planet 2’ and the monumental soundtrack – Hans Zimmer and Radiohead’s ‘Ocean Bloom’. It felt as if I was a pebble, tossed around and shaped by the majestic and beautiful logic of the blue oceans. One with the bigness of the world, with the wonder of our existence, […]

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“Being a force for good to grow”

“Perhaps the loudest alarm is that despite spending $600bn (£454bn) a year on marketing, our collective industries still aren’t growing enough, holding stubbornly on to low single digital market growth,” Marc Pritchard said. “You might say that never have so many done so much for so little.” Marc Pritchard makes some very important points in […]

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Enamored with ‘simplicity’

Simplicity is good. A Simple message is more readily understood, more readily spread. So I am all for the final expression of ideas being simple – the tag line, the copy.. simpler the better, generally. Even if we look under the hood, the thinking behind the ad, the strategy – simplicity often helps prioritise, helps […]

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Stop feeding the parasites

I received a curious mail today from Campaign magazine. It was soliciting content. so far so good. I skimmed through it and was delighted. They wanted content and towards the end they had mentioned a huge sum of money, almost half a year’s salary for me. I assumed it must be honorarium for the ones […]

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