Take a knee for humanity

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Just discovered the majestic video for ‘Blue Planet 2’ and the monumental soundtrack – Hans Zimmer and Radiohead’s ‘Ocean Bloom’.

It felt as if I was a pebble, tossed around and shaped by the majestic and beautiful logic of the blue oceans. One with the bigness of the world, with the wonder of our existence, with the beauty of what lies beyond our pale human anxieties and priorities.

This beauty pains, because it shows forces that we are not shaped by. Yesterday, more than 20 people died – crushed between capitalism’s herd rearing, blind panic of marginal existence and total incompetence and apathy of the government. I feel guilty for exiting that reality. Exiting those forces, selfishly.

I wish for everyone to be able to escape that tranquilized coop they call modern living in modern cities.

Why waste life in trivialities of everyday hate-countering, marginal wisdom sharing, point-of-view debating, helplessly hand-wringing at the apathy of the powerful towards us? Why give power to others? We are getting shaped by the waves of hate and mediocrity, instead of by the grand beauty of nature and the creative spark of human potential. Radiohead, Beethoven, Kundera,  Sigur Ros, Iain Banks… There is so much beauty and creativity to be shaped by. Why subject ourselves to miasma of mediocrity and a marginal existence? If we must exist in a bubble, might as-well it be of pure beauty, wonder, curiosity and creativity. May one day, everyone be able to access it.

May one day, every life fulfill its potential. May no life be cut short so callously. May one day, no one is robbed of the joy of walking on sure ground with blue sky above and green of earth shooting upwards all around.

I am taking a knee for humanity today. May wonder, kindness, sanity become accessible to us all.


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