2+2: Greenwashing

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I felt confused recently when a recent Mastercard campaign elicited positive response from a lot of industry veterans on Linkedin. To me, it was quite clearly a greenwashing campaign. I felt that either I am misunderstanding something or people are used to seeing this campaign in a certain way – “Admire me for my cleverness. Don’t bother about the actual intent being communicated.”

So I wrote about the campaign here and improvised a checklist to know better. I would love to learn here. Please let me know if I am mistaken in any way. How can I improve the checklist?

thank you.

2 responses to “2+2: Greenwashing”

  1. Greenwashing extinction | Truth About Branding Avatar

    […] I have created a simple checklist that others can refer to know if a campaign is ‘greenwashing’ campaing or not. here it is – https://rewiringchaos.com/2021/06/14/22-greenwashing/ […]


  2. Brand lightly.Or how we can learn to stop worrying and make brands lovable again. – Truth About Branding Avatar

    […] even as companies start recognising climate change but offering only band-aids on growing tumours. Greenwashing is a big problem. It gives false hope. Its papers over real issues and gives a false sense of calm. […]


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