Two kinds of ‘busy’

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  1. Busy as in ‘busy with work that adds up’. Work that improves with every failure. Busy doing epic shit. Busy BUILDING something. Busy learning and growing.
  2. Busy as in ‘busy ensuring that the blame doesn’t land on me’. Busy as in busy playing a role (e.g. of a knowledgeable strategist who can wax eloquent on consumer as a means to avoid actually solving the business problem). Busy in agendaless meetings (how else can you show your business in WFH?)…

The first is an energising business. the second is a nervous business that drains energy.

The first focuses on growth – every mistake an opportunity to learn, every win a breakthrough, every challenge an opportunity.
The second focuses on preservation – focusing on not being faulted, not being blamed, not being passed over…


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