Future is cow

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From my fourth-floor window, I can see a bunch of cows sitting a fair distance away.
Sitting idly. (or so I think)
Its been an hour almost, no one’s moved much.
Like me!
I have been glued to my seat for an hour now, furiously trying to complete a deck.
for the cows gazing in (if they had binoculars for the eye), they would see a human idly sitting with hands floating loosely in front.
I don’t understand their incessant mastication.
They don’t understand my incessant digital busyness, my digital mastication.
Who’s to say, they aren’t the more advanced species who graduated to neuralink enabled, hardware less computing? Their eyes are suitably glazed over to suggest they are in metaverse already.

Maybe, the future of humanity is the masticating, idling cow.

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