Right to a marketing free life

I am taking a marketing refresher course these days. In that course, marketing is defined as an exchange of values. Seller gives products/ services/ experience in exchange of buyer’s money/ attention/ time/ trust. The thing that struck me is that that in real life this exchange is not equal at all. The professor’s talk made […]

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The slowness of digital life

Digital connections = Speed. Instantaneous reactions, Instantaneous gratification, Instantaneous outrage and so on. Everything is instantaneous. Or not? Recently, while my own phone was getting recharged and I had no option but to look around, I saw a person sitting there, with phone in hand. Waiting with anticipation for a like, a comment or some […]

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Travel Travel, Adopt a Camel

Travel as a personal narrative There are two things that give sense to our lives. One is the ‘anchor’ and the other is ‘change’. These two are the yin-yang of our personal narratives. ‘Anchor’ is things/ people/ places that gives you a sense of solidity about your identity. You perhaps are a Delhite. You perhaps […]

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Truth about Powerpointing

Men in air-conditioned glass boxes often feel the need to powerpoint. This might be because what they want to say (or what their counterparts want to hear) is not well formed enough. And saying it simply will unravel the artifice. Powerpoint in that sense is a tool that holds together the artifice. The red ribbon […]

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