Shifting to Colombo, Sri Lanka?

I am an Indian, living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. And I would have done a few things differently had I known a few things about Colombo before I came here. So here’s a heads-up for future expats heading to the wonder island. The summary If you are a savvy business person and looking for new […]

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The feedback loop

There is one definitive characteristic that separates the competent from the mediocre; the practice of giving, seeking and acting upon constructive feedback. I was fortunate enough to get good bosses early on in my career who were kind and thoughtful with their feedback. I learnt a great deal from them. One of the most valuable […]

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Right to a marketing free life

I am taking a marketing refresher course these days. In that course, marketing is defined as an exchange of values. Seller gives products/ services/ experience in exchange of buyer’s money/ attention/ time/ trust. The thing that struck me is that that in real life this exchange is not equal at all. The professor’s talk made […]

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