The philosophy of advertising

What is common between a car, a cancer clinic, an app, wall paint and insurance?




#YOLO (You only live once.)

I have worked on brands in each of these categories which ended up talking about #YOLO (more or less).

YOLO – is a restless soul’s yearning for a fix – usually with caffeine or alochol. Often imagined with adventure sports, spontaneous face-melt or traveling like an #instahobo. The imagery of which is used then to sell everything now. EVERYTHING. Everything is about instant gratification because #YOLO. Everything is about ‘you’ because #YOLO. Everything is about the fear of #FOMO (fear of missing out) because #YOLO.

And since everyone is #YOLO, no one is. Long live clutter.

And hence we must stop doing the #YOLO. Stop advocating ‘bad faith‘.