Returning to wonder

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It seems the overwhelming uncertainties and anxieties that covid dragged us through, boil the mind slowly. The engine has been running through dense fog, driven with fear for a few years now. Now the engine demands an overhaul, a rebirth even.
And even through those clogged veins and the sputtering noise of its overheatedness, it has articulated a small request – ‘return to wonder’.

Return to moments of beauty and 28000K clarity that enliven you. Return to Yanni live at the Taj, the truly awesome feeling of being atop a Himalayan mountain, the thrill of absorbing the mind-altering beauty in words of Baudelaire, Jeanette Winterson or Kundera, the fervent writing down when suddenly seized with a thought, the first sound of a grand piano in real life felt from the feet up, the endless wanderings and walkabouts, the real magic of existence of my child…

Wonder and beauty. must hold on to it. with dear life.
That is all the clarity one needs in life.


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